Twins: Update

I am sharing some news on behalf of my sister whose twin pregnancy we have all been following. On last Wednesday, she her High Risk OB appointment. At this visit, they discovered she was dilated and she was directly admitted to antepartum. She was placed on bed rest and preventive medicines but still began having … Continue reading Twins: Update


  WWHT If your 2018 New Year Resolution was to get pregnant and you have entered 2019 with out a positive pregnancy, this is especially for you.  When I have patients come in for infertility I say a little prayer before I walk into the room. I understand that more than likely my patient will … Continue reading Infertility


Since 49% of pregnancies in the US are unplanned, contraception should alway be a dependable option for women of child bearing age. My new favorite birth control is the Nexplanon. I love this method because it is 99% effective... you ain't getting pregnant with this one... it lasts for 3 years, it's discreet, placement is … Continue reading Nexplanon