It’s a pretty well known fact that labor pain is probably the worst pain you will experience… EVER. As a labor and delivery nurse, I see women in labor all the time. Some women handle the pain of labor extremely well (I believe these women are aliens). The majority of women display that they are … Continue reading Epidurals

Operating Room

Today in clinical I was able to observe a diagnostic laparoscopy to diagnose a patient's pelvic pain. This teenage patient has been suffering from debilitating pelvic pain for several months. Her symptoms point to endometriosis, but the only way to diagnose this is through visualization, hence the laparoscopic procedure. It was pretty amazing to see … Continue reading Operating Room

Abnormal pap

I have posted on this topic before, but it's something so common I feel it's  worth re-visiting. Abnormal Pap, what does this really mean? Pap smears are done to assess for changes on your cervix. Ultimately we are looking for any indications of cancer. The biggest culprit of these changes is a virus called human … Continue reading Abnormal pap

Sex while pregnant

  “How long is it okay to keep having sex in pregnancy?” “My husband won’t have sex with me because he is afraid he will poke the baby.” “I hate sex now, it’s so uncomfortable.” “Will sex make me go into early labor?”   These are common concerns voiced at prenatal visits every day. Let’s … Continue reading Sex while pregnant