Twins: Preterm Delivery

Last week I posted an update about Keisha’s pregnancy we have all been following. She went in to preterm labor and ended up delivering her twin girls at 25 weeks. She has been gracious enough to share this very personal and scary event with us. Please continue to keep Keisha, her husband, and their girls in your prayers.

Sissy, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know that this is the scariest thing you or any mother has ever encountered. Labor that begins before 37 weeks gestation is considered preterm. Preterm labor can present in different ways and for some women, they don’t really have any obvious signs. Had anything happened to make you think something wasn’t right?

Well, I had been feeling what felt like kicks on my cervix for a week. It didn’t hurt, but felt really strange & sometimes it would make me jump. I mentioned it to my OB, who reassured me it was normal. Also the night before my high risk appointment, I had a little bit of watery discharge.

The following day you went to see your high risk specialist. What happened at that visit?

It was a normal visit. I was very excited because my mom was with me & she was excited about seeing the babies on the ultrasound. The babies were measuring perfectly & everything looked great. Next, I had the transvaginal ultrasound done to measure the length of my cervix… That’s when I found out I was 2 cm dilated.

Wow! That was not at all what you were expecting. I can’t imagine how scary it was to go from a regular doctor visit to being rushed to the hospital! Once you got admitted to the antepartum unit what happened?

I was super emotional, I just couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. It was literally the #1 condition I had feared my entire pregnancy. I was put on strict bedrest. I could only get up to use the bathroom. I also had to be lying down the whole time, I couldn’t even sit up in the bed. I was given two shots of steroids to help mature the babies’ lungs in case they were born early. I was also put on Indocin & Magnesium to cease uterine activity & hopefully stop contractions. Magnesium also helps to protect the babies brain’s. I started off by having random Braxton hick’s contractions (which felt more like tightening across my stomach vs cramping).

The plan was to keep Keisha in the hospital on bedrest until she delivered. The goal for anyone in preterm labor is to keep them pregnant as long as possible. At 25 weeks, babies lungs are not ready to function. Remember, full term is 40 weeks! Many of their organs are not yet matured, they are just not ready to be outside of the womb. Thankfully, she was sent to antepartum and they were able to administer the appropriate treatments to help her babies be as ready as possible in case they did not stay inside for several more weeks. The plan was to stop the Magnesium Sulfate on Monday.

Keisha, what happened on Sunday night?

My contractions were much more frequent & some were the crampy type. Around 11pm I was ready for bed. So I emptied my bladder & my nurse came in to adjust the monitors strapped to my tummy. Next I felt a gush of water! I yelled out, “Oh my gosh! I think my water just broke!” The MD rushed in & checked me & said, “I feel feet. We’re going to have to deliver now.” I was rushed down the hall to the operating room for an emergency C-section. So much was going on. The MD was barking orders, a nurse had my right arm starting an IV, another was inserting a urinary catheter, and the anesthesiologist began to place a mask over my face saying ,”Take some deep breaths, good night.” I started praying & before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room.

Keisha and Ben’s two girls entered the world before midnight, both weighing under 2lbs. They are receiving excellent care in the NICU where they will continue to grow and be looked after by the best nurses and doctors in the hospital. Keisha is now home and recovering well form her cesarean section. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers. Keisha will be updating up periodically on their progress.

Thanks for reading. We welcome your encouraging comments below

6 thoughts on “Twins: Preterm Delivery

  1. Krissy says:

    I’m so proud of Keisha and her openness/willingness to share. She may not realize it, but her story will be the encouragement other mommies in similar situations will need to get them through. Stay strong and faithful! I will continue to pray for the twins and mommy & daddy! We love you all.

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