Twins: second trimester

WWHT: Twins
It’s been a while since we chatted with Keisha about her twin pregnancy. Last month we were looking forward to her babies gender reveal. Let’s see what she and the babes have been up to…


So, tell me what you’re having!
We’re having two GIRLS!!!

Wow! What was going through your head before you released your balloons?
I was excited & nervous all at the same time. It felt like a lifetime waiting for the gender reveal day!

I was there and it was so exciting! I don’t think most of us were expecting two girls! How excited is your husband?
Initially he was shocked! We were both shocked. We were so sure we were having a girl & a boy. But he is super excited & can’t wait to spoil them : )

Yes! I can already see him picking out Big Orange hair bows for the girls to rock! Ha!

Ok, well let’s catch up. How many weeks are you now?
I am 24 weeks as of yesterday (6 months).

Whoa! You’re moving right along! Most know that twin pregnancies are considered high risk. Have you seen your high risk doctor yet?
Yes, I have seen them once so far & I go back next week. She did a detailed ultrasound which took about an hour. She carefully looked at the anatomy and structures of both babies, and measured everything.

So you’re creeping through the second trimester. How has this trimester differed from the first? Any different symptoms?
OMG! So much better than the 1st trimester. Morning sickness is completely gone! I have occasional headaches, so I drink a cup of coffee daily now, which was approved by my OB. I do however have really bad back pain that’s due to the ligament relaxation & growing size of my belly. Icy hot & my support belt help a lot with that though. I also have a pregnancy pillow which makes sleeping much more comfortable. I would take these symptoms over 1st trimester symptoms any day!

And you are still hitting the gym! That’s awesome! Tell me about your work our regimen. 
Yes! Unfortunately, I had to give up my cardio (the elliptical) around 20 weeks. It was just too much on me. I would get extremely out of breath & my heart rate would shoot up. So now I do light weight lifting 45min-1hr. I also recently started incorporating a 20 min prenatal workout on YouTube (Body Fit by Amy), which I love!

Anything else you want to highlight about the second trimester?
It’s very important to listen to your body while pregnant. I had to realize that being pregnant my body was already in overtime at rest, so when working out it was in double overtime….. Not to mention the extra stress that was added due to me carrying twins.


That’s great advice! As busy women, we feel like we have to continue our lives as usual, but we do need to listen to our bodies because they are going through a lot of transformations! 

Thank you for the update! Your shower is coming up next month and we will be looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful pictures and hearing all about it!

Leave any comments for Keisha below. Thanks for reading!



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