Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 37

Band-aid trick


I guess most everyone has seen the video that’s gone viral with the mom who places bandaids over her nipples as a weaning strategy. This video is hilarious because the toddler looks less than amused when she sees her nipples aren’t there. If you haven’t seen the video, here’s the IG link https://instagram.com/p/BdmM5BBgZFh/

So many people tagged me in this video that I had to give it a try. Yesterday I worked and Bean went to school. After work he was home with his dad and didn’t ask to nurse at all. I decided to place medical tape over my nipples because I know Bean would easily rip a band-aid off and throw it in my face! Before bed I placed the tape. I’d been prepping Bean for about an hour telling him that there was no more Night-night. At bedtime I took him to his room and we got on the day bed. I told him we had to say prayer and go to sleep but there was no Night-night. At this he started to whine and reach for it… but it wasn’t there! I tried several times to get him to lay down with me but he just grew frustrated and started scratching at my chest. Finally he said “go to big bed”. I let him know that if we went to my room with his dad he had to go to sleep with out Night-night or else he’d have to sleep in his crib alone (yeah I know, he will never sleep in his room. So what). Anyway, he agreed.

Once in the big bed I told him to lay down and close his eyes. I think he thought about fighting me but since his dad was right there he didn’t. He layed down with a little bit of protest but then he cuddled up on me and fell asleep. Oh yeah! You read right, he went to sleep with out my nursing him! For the first time in history!

Now, he did wake up about 13 times reaching for my nipples but he couldn’t find them! I just kept reminding him that the Night-night was all gone.

I woke up at 5:50 am. It was a little earlier than I wanted to wake up, but I was happy to beat my alarm. I lay in bed wedged between my husband and Bean. I wanted to get up but Bean was doing the annoying toddler thing where my arm was stuck underneath him and I could tell by his breathing he wasn’t sound asleep. 15 minutes later he woke up. He reached for the Night-night. But he couldn’t find it. His head popped up. “Mommy!” I answered him and asked him to lay back down. Instead he gave me a big kiss and then crawled over me to kiss his sleeping dad. He layed back down. I rubbed his back to help him fall asleep and listened for his breathing to slow down.

Okay, I thought to myself after about six minutes, I was going to sneak out of bed to get ready for work. It was 6:12 a.m. As soon as I moved, his head popped up.

“Bread. Toast. BACON!”


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One thought on “Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. Amy says:

    Tape is a really clever idea… Might have to try it when it comes time to wean my LO from nursing to sleep! Also, congratulations for getting him to sleep without nursing for the first time!


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