Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 35

Mommy’s day out



As a gift of appreciation, love, and maybe a bit out of fear that I may go crazy,  my husband sent me to the Hilton for a night of much needed personal time and sleep! Can I just take a minute to say this is the most thoughtful and loving gift a man can give to the mother of his child? Saturday, Bean fell asleep in the car after we went out for pizza. So that eliminated nap time nursing. I left while he was napping to check in to my hotel!

Today’s weaning was a breeze! Hubby had Bean and they did a bunch of fun daddy/son stuff that did not involve asking for, crying for, or even thinking about Nigh-night! I called my husband at 10:40am and they were still asleep! What the hell? Never, never, never does this happen with me. Well, whatever! I am so grateful for this time to myself to re-charge. I slept great! Never once did I even wake up during the night. No one was reaching down my shirt, kicking me, asking for Night-night, crying for water, or demanding bacon at 6 a.m.  Also, I did not leak any milk! It’s been well over 24 hours and I do not even feel full. I won’t nurse him again until bed time unless he falls asleep with his dad without it!

Four nights to go! We are almost done.


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