Weaning Bean,40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 31 & 32

The Plan

Bean turns two next week. How did this get here so fast? I have told you all  and myself that January 10th will be the last day I nurse Bean. Pressure much?

So far we have successfully eliminated On demand nursing, morning time nursing, and nursing during the night! I still am nursing for nap time and bed time. Now that I am working full time and Bean is in school full time, the nap time nursing is not needed M-F. Here is the problem… I have never succeeded in putting Bean to sleep with out nursing him! I know his dad, my parents, his teachers all put him to sleep with out breastfeeding but I just never have. He expects Night-night from mommy.

Here is the plan. Starting tomorrow, my husband will be back in town! Hubby will be responsible for nap time over the weekend. Monday he will go back to school and  he will have his regular naps there. That will make Bean go a whole week straight with no nap time Night-night. I will just have to deal with weaning our bedtime nursing. Maybe I will try putting him to bed Sunday night with out nursing him. I will just offer him his cup of water instead. I am sure he will look at me like I have lost it. Eventually he will fall asleep right? And by Thursday we will be all done! Ta-da!

Here’s to hoping.



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