Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 16 & 17

Baby Steps

Day 16

We are slowly getting back on track. Last night Bean was so tired from skipping his nap, that he fell asleep on the ride home from my parents’ house. I tried to lay him down in his crib after removing him from the car but he woke up immediately. So, we sat on his daybed and I nursed him for about 10 minutes. I was able to lay him in his crib after that. It was such a relief to have some free time!

He stayed asleep until around 2:00 am. I went to his crib and brought him back to my bed. I didn’t even attempt to get him to sleep in his room. He didn’t wake up any more and during the night. I woke up at 5:00 and snuck out of the bed to avoid the morning nursing.

Day 17

Bean is feeling so much better this week, he’s back to his normal active self so I can for full speed ahead with the weaning. He has been taking Augmentin since Friday for his ear infection. The down side to that is the horrible side effect of diarrhea. Twice already I’ve had to change the sheets on the bed in the mornings because of blowouts. I put Bean to sleep around 9:00 pm. I left him sleeping on the day bed in his room instead of placing him in his crib. I am not sure what kind of intense connection we have but I promise we always wake up with in 10 minutes of each other when we are in separate rooms. I woke up randomly at 3:14 am and couldn’t fall right back to sleep. At 3:21 I heard little feet and then Bean pushed open the door to our bedroom. “Hey mommy” he said. “Night-night?” I picked him up and put him in the bed with me. He nursed for a few minutes and we were both asleep for the rest of the night.

I was out of the bed before he woke up this morning. No morning nurse session! I thought I was actually going to get out of the house on time. Until I saw the sheets…



IMG_1822 2

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