Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 10


I am a strong believer in the magical medicinal properties of breast milk. Bean will be 2 years old next month and in his life he has only had to go to the doctor for being sick one time. Back in the spring he has an upper respiratory infection that caused a horrible ear infection. He had to be on antibiotics. It was 10 days of hell. I hated to see my baby feeling so terrible and I was the only one who could really comfort him. That has been the only time he came down with something major we couldn’t handle at home ourselves like colds and teething fevers. I know his good health has been a blessing and I really think his daily intake of breast milk has helped his immune system tremendously.

Last night I was reminded of how terrible it is to have a sick child. Like I said yesterday, I wasn’t going to deny him breast or co-sleeping while he’s sick. He fell asleep around 8:00. We were sitting on the couch and I was watching the Lifetime movie “Whitney” (2.5 hrs of my life I’ll never get back). After the movie laid him in our bed for the night. I spent the remainder of my night waking up to his coughing spells or he wanted to nurse, giving him Tylenol, and trying to make him cool and comfortable. Another night with no more than 2 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Illness was an unforeseen bump in the road. I hope that we can get back on track in a couple days.  I’ve only got 29 days to go.


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