Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 9

My cups runneth over

Last night Bean stayed at my parents house so that I could get a good night sleep in preparation for my first day at my new job. So no nursing overnight!

I woke up this morning in a puddle of milk. I had leaked through out the night. I did not account for this when I pressed the snooze button on my phone twice! I guess I was so happy to actually sleep, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Once I was up and realized by cups runneth over I had to hand express a few ounces before getting dressed for work. I ended up having to rush to work.

I used to keep nursing pads in my glove compartment because I used to pump in the car on breaks during clinical. Luckily there were still a couple in there because I needed them today. By lunch time my pads were pretty full and I had to hand express again into a paper towel in the bathroom. Sigh.

While at work I received a text from my mom that Kaleb woke up from his nap congested and with a fever. He went one night with out nursing and got sick! Well, in my mind that’s how that happened.

By the time I arrived at my mom’s house my breast were so swollen and tender it hurt to lift my arms. Bean was so happy to see me and was soon reaching for night-night. And since he didn’t feel well and I was about to explode, I allowed him to nurse for both of our sake. I won’t count this as a win or a fail.

And no, I did not develop a new weaning plan today like I had hoped… I’m not sure what will happen tonight. If he is feverish I know I will let him sleep with me. I can’t deny my sick baby the best medicine there is. Cuddles and mommy’s milk.


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