Weaning Bean, 40 days and 40 nights

Day 8

Aunt Lysa


Like I said before we made it through out the entire day without nursing aside from nap-time. And just a few minutes of crying for night-night after waking but no tantrum was thrown. I knew from the start that bedtime would be the most difficult to wean. When I think about it from Bean’s perspective I see that he is confused and even hurt that I am suddenly trying to take away the thing that his comforted him his entire life. He doesn’t know any other way to sleep than right under me with the luxury of nursing whenever he pleases. So, I am the bad guy here.


But it’s a part of life and growing up. Mama birds push their babies out the nest. Mama tigers… well I have no idea what tiger’s do but they aren’t breastfeeding their adult offspring, and mama human’s stop breastfeeding. The fact that women have successfully weaned their children from the beginning of time gives me a little bit of hope because it truly seems impossible. I just don’t see how we will get him to stop wanting to nurse in the night. If he didn’t request night-night during the night I wouldn’t even mind him continuing to sleep in our bed. But there is no way he will sleep with me and not want to nurse.


Here is last night’s rundown. Bedtime was around 9:00 pm. Once he was asleep I placed him in his crib. He slept there until 12:15. This time I did not let him scream for 12 minutes, but went right in to his room. I picked him up again expecting him to fall right asleep and planned to lay him in the daybed in his room. But he had not forgotten the previous night and how I returned him to his crib. He kept his eyes wide open. 10 minutes, 15 minutes… he was not going back to sleep. And I was just so tired. I offered him his cup of water to substitute nursing and he swatted it away repeatedly. I ended up in the daybed with him nursing him to sleep. I escaped to my bed but he soon joined me. If I had the capacity to stay up all night then I think this process would be easier, but I am so behind on sleep I just can’t. I need to come up with a new plan because I really don’t have any clear direction here. I think that I have succeeded in weaning our morning wake up nurse session… as long as I am not in the bed with him when he wakes up.


This morning I left the bed at 8:30… yes, he was still asleep at 8:30!! He woke up less than 10 minutes later mad as all get out, coming out the door giving me the death stare and demanding to be picked up. But he never asked for night-night or reached for my sweatshirt. I didn’t even have to bribe him with Bob the Train. Once I picked him up he saw his wooden airplane and truck on the counter and asked for them, tears stopping immediately (the little faker). I handed him his toys, put him down, and he was off in the living room playing! I really need to celebrate this success. Morning nursing is history. Now, I need to develop a plan for nap time and bedtime/night nursing. I have never been successful at getting him to sleep without nursing.


One reader asked me if I would consider just nursing Bean until he decides that he is ready to stop nursing. I know that this works for a lot of women and I would be willing to give it a go if I was getting proper sleep and if Bean wasn’t so demanding. I do think that natural weaning is the better choice for the child. Bean, however, would make me to be an Aunt Lysa… and ain’t nobody got time for that!

aunt lysa



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