Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Day 6

Nurse every 2-3 hours


While I was in the hospital after giving birth to Bean, a lactation nurse came to my room to see how the feeding was going. She told me that I needed to nurse my son every 2-3 hours. As a labor and delivery nurse I tell this to my patients too. Don’t let them go more than 3 hours with out nursing them for the first few weeks.

Newborn Bean was an every 1-2 hour eater. I would spend 45 minutes nursing him, 30 minutes trying to lay him in his crib without waking him up, and then spend about 15 minutes in my own bed trying to sleep before he woke up ready to eat again. This was every night. Like, I NEVER slept! Not until I switched to co-sleeping.

Apparently, last night, Bean thought he was 5 days old again. This was our night…


9:00 pm Bed time. I nursed Bean to sleep. I left him in his bed and went to my own.

12:00 am Bean woke up crying. I went to his room & nursed him back to sleep. Then  I went  back to my bed.

2:05 am   He was up again! Crying. I was so tired but drug my butt out the bed and across the house to put him to sleep again. I fell asleep in the process.

3:42 am   I woke up and returned to my bed alone. Praying he would sleep another 4 hours.

5:05 am  I am awakened by crying and Bean yelling “mommy!” I do not move, I cannot move, I am freaking exhausted. I decide that he can just soothe his self back to sleep. There is no way I am getting out the bed again.

5:07 am I hear little feet and his cries get louder.  I look up and he is standing at my door. I lift him into the bed. He nurses back to sleep.

7:40 am   I wake up. Although I would love nothing more than to sleep another hour or two I gently creep out of bed without disturbing him. I want to avoid him waking up and wanting to nurse. So I leave my super comfortable bed and go back to Bean’s room lay down. Of course, I can’t fall back asleep and decide to sort his laundry.

IMG_1517 3

8:50 am    Bean is awake. He comes out of my room demanding “Night-night!” I try telling him that it is all gone. I try giving him Bob  the Train on my phone. I offer him juice. But he still cries for night-night and reaches for my tank top. I leave him in the living room to put on a sweatshirt (out of sight out of mind right?) while he proceeds to have a full on tantrum. But I do not give in and after about 10 minutes he is eating apples and playing with his trucks.

I haven’t nursed him any today! He was with my dad during his nap time so I didn’t nurse him then. I am seeing a little progress! He hasn’t asked for any night-night either!

I just pray I can sleep tonight. My mom suggested I put him in his crib to sleep instead of on the bed. After all, that’s what she did with me blah blah blah… That way he can just cry his self back to sleep. I know that he is old enough to lay down and go back to sleep on his own, but I have never tried the “cry it out” method. I don’t agree with it for babies. But now that Bean is almost two, I may need to give it a go. I mean, how long can a two yr old stand in his crib screaming before he gives up and goes to sleep?

I certainly can’t have too many repeats of last night. I. will. lose. it.










2 thoughts on “Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. Mom says:

    Blah, blah, blah, huh? Well, I did get you out of your crib a few times, but most times you tired yourself out and fell back to sleep. You didn’t hurt yourself. You didn’t climb out of your crib. But, you weren’t still breastfeeding either.


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