Weaning Bean, 40 Days and 40 Nights


Day 2

My son has a phrase for nursing, “night-night”. I suppose he picked this up when I would rock him to sleep at night and tell him to go to sleep “night-night”. One day he just started referring to nursing as such, and that’s what we’ve called it ever since. This was one of his first phrases.

Honestly, I really love the term and am thankful he does not yell out “booby!” to me when he is ready to nurse.

People who are not in my circle get confused by his constantly asking to go to sleep throughout the day. This summer his ‘Mother’s Day Out’ teacher called me to ask what he meant by repeating “night-night” and crying. She was happy to know what he was asking for, but there was nothing she could do to satisfy his request.

Thus, I am constantly greeted in the morning by Bean whispering “night-night”. He wants to nurse first thing after waking up. Currently Bean will nurse when he wakes up, nap-time, bedtime, and multiple times during the night. The days that I am at work or he is at “Mother’s Day Out’, I get to skip the nap time nurse session. The morning nursing session will be the firt to go in my weaning process.

This morning I awoke to the cutest sweetest little face. Before his eyes were even open he mumbled “night-night” and tried to snuggle next to me reaching reflexively for my breast. I told him “No night-night, night-night all gone”. To this he responded by continuing to try to pull my sweatshirt down grabbing at me. I kept saying no and moving away his hand. Now his eyes fly open and he glares at me, then starts to kick at me. Now I have to scold him and he cries even harder for my milk. Eventually, after trying to convince him for several minutes that the night-night was all gone, I distract him by giving him my phone and turning on Bob the Train. He forgets about wanting to nurse! The rest of the day goes well. I nurse for nap time and then again at bedtime. Of course, he wakes up more than he should during the night to eat.

Side note: I try to put him to sleep in his room and then go to my own bed. When he wakes during the night my husband will go get him and bring him to our bed to nurse back to sleep. The night nursing will be the hardest to break.

I will count today as a success.


Day 3

This morning I woke up to Kaleb saying “what’s up!”. I told him good morning. Then he said “night-night”.  I was too tired to stick to my guns like I had the day before. He had literally kept me up most of the night with his constant grabbing, scratching and suckling. It was only 7:00 a.m. I was hoping he would nurse and then sleep for another hour. He nursed. He did not go back to sleep.


I will try again tomorrow.

IMG_1346 2

Day 4

He nursed at 6:55 am.


Will try again tomorrow.


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