Choking baby tutorial

I know we are all excited to get together with friends and family for the holidays! Are you prepared to act in an emergency situation? I am demonstrating what to do in case of a choking baby. I had to perform this on my own 1 year old over the summer in a Men’s Warehouse! I am so thankful I knew what steps to take and was able to react quick.

Be prepared! Just in time for the holidays ❤️

If a baby is choking and you can not see the object in the infants mouth in order to remove it then you must immediately begin back blows and chest thrust. Be sure to hold the babies head lower than his body and give firm back blows and chest thrusts. You can use your leg to support the infant on your arm. Continue until the object is lodged from the airway. If the baby loses consciousness then you will need to start CPR.

From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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