Hello c-section moms

Shout out to all of my c-section mommies! You’re often left out of the birthing stories but you have your own very special stories to tell. As a labor & delivery nurse, I all circulate in the OR. I am there with my patients every step of the way and witness how incredibly brave you all are.

Having a cesarean birth can bring on a lot of emotions! Emergency c-sections are especially scary but even planned sections are scary for a mommy to be. The operating room is intimidating to patient’s, some mamas are afraid of getting their spinal anesthesia, moms are worried about the surgery they are about to have, they are worried about the well being of their baby, they are surrounded by strangers & have no sense of control… the list goes on and on.

Working in the OR is different than working anywhere else, requiring a different set of nursing skills. My role is mostly hands off and I am expected to make sure everything is running smoothly. It’ s nice to do something different but the best part of being a nurse to a c-section mama is witnessing  her face light up when she hears her baby’s first cry. Every birth is truly a miracle.

These mom’s definitely earn their stripes and deserve their props. They now have to recover from major surgery while caring for a newborn! But, they do it because they are strong and they are awesome!

So from an L&D nurse to all the c-section mommies, I salute you! You rock, Mama!

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