Breastfeeding in public

When is the last time you had a nice plate of (insert favorite meal here) and you plopped down on the toilet to eat it? NEVER?? Okay, how about this? When it the last time you warmed up your children’s chicken nuggets and mac n cheese, shooed them into the bathroom, closed the door and told them to enjoy their supper?  You understand where I am going don’t you?


Believe it or not, when I was a new mom, I encountered people suggesting that I take my baby into the bathroom to nurse him! Public bathrooms!!! How disgusting is that? It is as disgusting as you sitting on the toilet scarfing down lasagna. But the people who suggested this thought that was the decent thing to do. Eventually I learned that my hungry, crying baby is more important than some prude. There is nothing sexual or inappropriate about feeding your baby. I personally have nursed my son in the church pew, at parks, on an airplane, in restaurants, at the zoo… if it was time to eat then he ate.  No one has ever asked me to refrain from feeding him, thankfully, and in fact I have gotten thumbs up and approving smiles from women who understand the struggle.


Reality check… everybody has nipples! They really aren’t that big of a deal. Especially when being used to feed a baby. On second thought, they are a big deal! But not in an obscene way, in an amazing “look what I can do” way!


It’s biology

Many people may not know that before my life as Nurse Karin, I was a science nerd holding a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Although we all have nipples, we don’t all produce milk. Female mammals possess mammary glands. These milk producing glands are regulated by our endocrine system and become functional due to hormonal changes… i.e. giving birth. Once we have had a baby, we can make food for said baby! The only reason women were blessed with breasts was to keep humans alive by nourishing them! So why would anyone shame mother nature?


It’s beautiful

Nothing is sweeter than feeding your baby. It is the most natural thing once the two of you get it all figured out! If you are modest, there are many nursing covers on the market that allow you to feed your little one in private. But there is nothing wrong with just whipping out the boob if that’s your preference.



It’s the law

I copied this Tennessee Breast Feeding  Law from Every state has their own breastfeeding laws, but they are all pretty clear. Breast feeding is NOT a form of public indecency and mothers are allowed to breastfeed anywhere.


  • 68-58-101.

A mother has a right to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be present.

  • 68-58-102.

The act of breastfeeding shall not be considered:

(1) Public indecency as defined in §39-13-511; or

(2) Nudity, obscene, or sexual conduct as defined in §39-17-901.

A unit of local government shall not prohibit breastfeeding in public by local ordinance.


Remember… your body, your baby, your choice!

From your friendly neighborhood nurse!


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