Phenomenal Woman: Keisha Brown, LPN


Today’s WWHT is featuring Phenomenal Woman pediatric nurse Keisha Brown, LPN!

For those of you who don’t know, Keisha is my younger sister so I have known her her entire life! As kids I thought she would end up being a veterinarian because she loved animals so much and was always good at taking care of them. But, lucky for us, she chose to care for humans instead. Keisha is a pediatric nurse in Atlanta, GA. Let’s talk to nurse Keisha and get some good tips and information regarding the kiddiesMama’s this one’s for you!


Sis, I am so excited to feature you this month! Tell us what inspires you to be a pediatric nurse?

I love kids & being an information source to parents. Gaining the trust of a frightened childa skeptical parent  is pretty awesome.   Being able to provide that simple knowledge to a parent about their child’s illness is very rewarding.   And I know that this is just preparing me to be a great mom one dayNo matter how   many  times I get vomited on & pooped on, it’s all worth it

Haha! Well it takes a special person to get covered in bodily fluids and return to work the next day. Tell us a little about what it is you do on the job.

Well I work in a pediatric office, we see all ages, newborn to 21 years old. Most days I work as a floor nurse. Daily task consists of administering required vaccines to suturing a lacerated scalp from a simple head bonk. Other days I work as NOD (nurse on duty) where I do what is called advice phone triageI basically answer all kinds of questions of parents about their children from minute to major issues

Sounds like you wear many hats! All your patients are lucky to have you.  How long have you taken care of children?

5 years. I’ve done everything from behavioral health working with troubled adolescents to working in pediatric doctor’s offices.


Well summer time is here and the kids are all out of school. What do most parents bring their kids in to the office for? 

Hmm that’s a good questionWe see a variety of things yearround, but I guess during the summer, summer colds & rashes are more prevalent

Summer colds are the worst! What do you do for that normally?

Usually the summer cold has the same treatment same as the winter cold; Rest, fluids, fever reducer, etc. We see a lot of poison ivy/ oak, because everyone is outside playing, camping & hiking. For this you can use over the counter hydrocortisone cream & oral Benadryl for the itchingCut the childs nails low so that they are less likely to scratch. It should clear up within 2 weeks


Good tip on the nail cutting. Summer also brings on the accidents happen and kids get hurt a lot! What advice do you have as far as summer safety parents?

Accidents are going to happen & sometimes we just can’t control it. But definitely watch your kids, especially the small ones. And for the older ones, know where they are & who they are with. If you are going to have your kids around water, make sure they know how to swim and are being monitored by a responsible adult. It’s also a good idea to know where your local children’s hospital is & the closest pediatric urgent care is in case your pediatric office is closed


That is great advice. Nothing is scarier than having an emergency and not knowing where to take your child. You also make a good point that they should preferably be taken to a Children’s hospital for the best care.


Super important!

Thanks so much for your sharing your knowledge with us today and for being the Phenomenal Woman that you are! Tell us your favorite quote.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou


If you enjoyed hearing from this month’s Phenomenal Woman leave her a comment below! Thanks for reading!


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