How should your vagina smell?




WWHT: What is my vagina supposed to smell like?

Don’t worry, you are not the only woman who has wondered this. In fact, we probably all have! We all know what we are not supposed to smell like (i.e. bread, fish, etc) but how should we smell? The media would have us believe our precious lady parts should smell like flowers or pineapples.

Here’s the deal ladies, we are all unique individuals. Our bodies are made up of different hormones, pheromones, and chemicals that give us our own unique scent. Your vagina is supposed to smell like your vagina! It’s when it starts to smell like something different that we need to take notice. This may indicate some sort of unbalance or infection.

If you are having an unusual odor and especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms like itching or discharge you should see your OBGYN or WHNP for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Your provider will use a q-tip to swab your vagina & look at the sample under a microscope. It could be a simple yeast infection or bacterial vaginitis but you’ll need the right medication in order to get back to normal. Plus the prescription you get from your gyno is much quicker and more effective than what you will get over the counter.

Otherwise, be assured that your vagina smells the way it was intended to. No need to use irritating products in attempt to smell like Japanese Cherry Blossoms and Twilight Woods. Just wash with mild soap and water. If you do have concerns go see your Gyno.

From your friendly neighborhood nurse!

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