Do you douche?


WWHT: To douche or not to douche, that is the question… No, Nope, Never!! Sure, you may have grown up being told that women need to douche especially after having your monthly period. Maybe your grandma had her douche bag hanging up in the shower and you wondered why she had a whoopie cushion! Or your mom sat you down after your first period and told you this was a necessary part of hygiene.

The simple truth is that it is not and is also more harmful than helpful. Why do women believe otherwise? A long time ago some man (it’s always some man) designed an apparatus and told women to irrigate their vaginas with ingredients found in the kitchen cupboard.

Vaginas are self cleaning and they naturally have a balance of good and bad bacteria. Douching changes the environment, killing the good bacteria and altering the pH. This allows the bad bacteria to grow wild, resulting in bacterial vaginitis and symptoms like vaginal dryness. Now you need flagyl. No fun!

Throw the douche bag away, don’t buy the Summers Eve, stop buying Vagisil, you don’t need it. Just mild soap (like Aveeno baby wash) and water does the job. Some gynecologist recommend washing with water only. Just get rid of your douche bag!

From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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