Things to know before your c-section


Cesarean birth is the most common surgical procedure for women in the US, accounting for 32.2% of births in 2014. This is a major surgery that comes with many risk, one major risk being infection. C-sections should always be the last choice of the physician, and used only when medically necessary for the well being of mom and or baby. If you have a scheduled c-section there are things you should do at home before coming to the hospital. Shower/wash abdomen using antibacterial soap the night before and morning of surgery, do not use any lotions or powders, do not eat or drink for at least 8 hours before scheduled surgery, do not shave your abdomen, and remove jewelry. Bring a good support person to hold your hand through the procedure and to take pictures of your new baby. Also discuss your expectations with your physician before the date of surgery, i.e. If you want to do “skin to skin” after your baby is delivered. This is your birthing experience, it should be positive and beautiful!

From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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