Oh crap! I missed my pill!

birth-control-pillsOne of the most common questions I am asked is what to do if you miss a pill. The general recommendation is this: miss 1 pill, take it ASAP and continue pack as normal. Miss 2 pills then take 2 in the morning and 2 that night, then continue pack as normal. If you are 3 or more days behind on pills just throw that pack away and start a new pack immediately, or you can let yourself have a period and start a new pack on your chosen start day. Use condoms for 7 days after missing 2 or more pills and also if you miss a pill during the first week of the pack. The pamphlet inside your pill pack explains what to do in each missed pill situation so you can always refer to it. You are likely to have some spotting after missing a couple pills. If you are worried, abstain for a week or use condoms. Better safe than sorry!

From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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