Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy


Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, has been around for thousands of years and research shows that it has numerous medical benefits. For pregnant women TCM can be a valuable alternative holistic source of relief. Personally, when I was pregnant I took advantage of the alternative therapies available to me. They included acupressure, acupuncture (miraculous for my lower back pain), herbal teas, and essential oil inhalation, massages & soaks. Some of my favorite essential oils are peppermint (good for nausea), lavender (good for relaxation) & clary sage (which I used in labor as research shows it helps decrease the pain intensity of contractions). I also liked to burn frankincense for relaxation and meditation. You should check with your practitioner before implementing any new therapies into your regimen while pregnant or nursing. It’s important to be open minded during your pregnancy and find things that work for you! Western medicine is great but there’s so much more out there that can help our bodies during this very special time.

From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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