Bed Sharing


Bed sharing is a very controversial topic today. The fear of SIDS often prevents moms from sleeping with their infant. However bed sharing was common practice before the 1920’s when nurseries were incorporated into hospitals and is still common practice in most countries outside the US. According to research bed sharing in itself is not dangerous, it’s when you add risk factors that the risk of ASSB (accidental suffocation & strangulation in bed) goes up. Factors that increase risk of suffocation are: maternal smoking (during & after pregnancy), drug/alcohol impaired persons in bed, baby sleeping on tummy, pillows and blankets in bed, over dressed & over heated baby, formula feeding, and sleeping on the couch/chair with baby. Bed sharing has many advantages and benefits to the baby and parents. As mammals babies are programmed to sleep with their mommies! So if it is your desire to bed share with your baby just do it safely.
From your friendly neighborhood nurse

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